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EVerest defines a new standard
the future of e-mobility

EVerest is the first ever, open source software stack for the green future of e-mobility. It standardizes and revolutionizes the wild landscape of e-charging infrastructure.

EVerest is the long-awaited, community-driven solution for

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We have a dream:
We wish for standardized, sustainable, and innovative e-mobility
This is our solution:
We accelerate innovation! EVerest is a user-friendly solution which is developed, distributed, and maintained by a growing community.
E-Auto wird geladen
EVerest will pioneer renewable energy revolution by becoming the Android of the EV charging world.

Why do we need EVerest?

EVerest answers the compatibility and standardization flaws of current charging infrastructure because it has

We have created a unique, open system that everyone can participate in. We deliver our platform to you so that anyone can use and customize it. EVerest stands for uniformity, reliability, and technological compatibility. All these things have been missing until now.

This way, we provide attractive incentives for the automotive and related industries - and for investors and buyers - to opt into e-mobility. In a future with EVerest, people who have decided to buy an EV will never again be stuck handling various different payment cards and mobile apps at the charging station.

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Good for humanity, good for the planet.

EVerest is a powerful, user-centric, one-stop solution and end-to-end, open-source software stack. Our ecosystem provides the e-mobility industry - from manufacturers to consumers - with both the software and hardware to meet their needs. On top of that, everyone benefits from the cumulative expertise of our growing community, where all stakeholders can easily network and collaborate within one single solution.

This way, EV drivers benefit from standardization that is unmatched anywhere in the world. For universities and research institutes, open source platforms help make new discoveries and accelerate products into market.

In addition to our software solution, we develop optimized charging station controllers and associated power electronics, which serves our B2B customers during development and enables them to rapidly launch new products.

EVerest-Technologie in a Nutshell

What we offer

What we offer What we offer